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Why Social Media Has a Place In Your Salon

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In today’s day and age, social media is crucial for any business to engage with both potential and existing customers. Social media provides salons with the perfect platform to showcase your work, inspire clients and potentially encourage new clients to walk through the door. When a salon knows how to engage and attract the clients they want, social media can really work!
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Connecting with Clients

If your salon has been in business for a few years, social media is great to retarget past clients that might not have visited for a while and provide a platform for your current clients to refer new business. If you are a newer salon, social media can be used to engage new customers and increase your exposure. Promoting your salon through social media and consistently engaging online can make you appear more approachable and connected to your clients. Your tone of voice on social media needs to represent the feel of your salon. Are you urban city and artistic? Natural and eco-friendly? Think about who your target audience is and make sure that your presence on social media is aligned to who you are as a salon.

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What Platforms To Use & Why

Facebook and Instagram are both great platforms to use but if you’re only going to use one, use Facebook first. It allows you to share more factual information such as opening hours, services, and promotions/offers rather than the image-led Instagram. If you have time for two platforms, Instagram is a great way to showcase the work of your artists and images can easily be shared to your Facebook page at the same time by linking your two accounts.

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What To Post

Similar to your social media tone of voice, your content should represent your salon. The best way to do this is by sharing images of work that you’re proud of and which showcases the skills of your stylists. Post before and after images of the type of work that you want to do to attract clients to book in for similar transformations.

You can also create a community by posting content that people can engage with. Try a poll, such as: “Which is your favourite type of blonde?” Or a more general question, such as: “Which is your favourite celebrity hair transformation?” You could even go one step further and post tutorials, such as: “How to curl your hair at home”.

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When To Post

When you post is just as important as what you post. Try posting when you know your clients are most likely to be engaging with social media. For example, posting in the middle of the day during the week will not be as effective as posting in the morning before work, lunch time, evening or even weekends, when your clients will have more time to be on social media. You also don’t have to hire a separate staff member for this, it could be incorporated into the role of your front desk receptionist. If you don’t have a receptionist, you can pre-schedule posts to make sharing content easy.

Using social media to engage with clients online can create a stronger bond that goes beyond the front door of your salon. It creates a direct line between you and your clients for inspiration and recommendations, and if you post consistently, can keep your salon top of mind.


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