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Multi Masking Bespoke Haircare

Just like skin, our hair comes in all shapes and lengths. Curly, straight, oily, dry, there is a myriad of hair types that all come with their own uni...
Best-Beauty-Buys Strengthening- Trends

How to Care for and Tame Your Frizzy Hair, From Start to Finish!

Let’s face it, having the frizzies is not a lot of fun. With today’s sleek styles, nothing puts a crimp in your look faster than frizzy hair. To best ...
Frizz Smooth Hair Styling Tips

9 Ways to Repair, Treat & Fix Damaged Hair

Sadly, hair can be damaged relatively quickly, but bringing it back to good health can take some time. Don’t fret: the pros at Matrix offer tips on ho...
Strengthening Damaged Hair Dry Hair

Cleansing Conditioner: The Best 5 Reasons Why you need No-Poo Shampoo

Shampoo, rinse, condition. Decade after decade, not much has changed. But recently, the buzz has been building about a shift in that shampoo and cond...
Cleansing Conditioner Biolage

How to Moisturise Hair - 28 Tips on Preventing Dryness & Hydrating Hair

In the summer, you blame dry hair on the sun and heat. In the winter, you think perhaps cold and wind could be the culprits--stripping your hair’s moi...
Dry Hair Damaged Hair Strengthening Biolage

26 Tips to Help Protect Colour-Treated Hair & Keep It Looking Fabulous

With proper care and a little creativity, you can keep your colour-treated hair looking shiny and vibrant. This is good news since 70% of women in the...
Color-Treated Hair Hair Color

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