Introducing our 2020 Biolage Ambassador and Muse, Jules Sebastian! Style icon and host of Tea with Jules, her passion for wellbeing and natural beauty...
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Hair Toning: How To Fix Yellow And Brassy Hair In Seconds

As anyone with platinum blonde hair or cool mocha brown hair color can confirm, identifying and then attaining your ideal hair color requires a fair a...
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The Matrix Express Services Range

Clients are experimenting with single and double process hair transformations. From high-impact brunettes to high-reflect reds, blushing blondes to pa...
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Grey Coverage: The What & The How

Once grey hair makes an appearance, you have a choice – either colour the hair or leave it alone. If your client opts to colour it, there are some ti...

Boardwalk Trend - What Is Hair Painting?

Hair painting is one of the biggest hair colour trends right now with salons across the globe starting to incorporate it into their service offering. ...
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The Matrix Collective Playground Recap

On Tuesday 2nd April we concluded our week long Matrix Playground tour around Australia! The show travelled from Adelaide, to Perth, then Brisbane, to...

Caring For Your Balayage

The balayage trend is the perfect look that every low maintenance girl needs and it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere any time soon. F...
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Sustainable Salons

In an age where we use reusable coffee cups, straw, bags and water bottles, it’s no wonder that we are now looking for ways to make our beauty more en...

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