About Us

All Hair Types. All Humans.

At Matrix, we welcome all hair types and all humans.

That's why we work with our labs and network of over 15,000 stylists around the world to develop hyper-targeted solutions for each and every hair type - every level, underlying pigment, diameter, and pattern.

Meet Arnie Miller

In 1980, a hairdresser named Arnie Miller founded Matrix, a company whose name was inspired by the idea of synergy and togetherness. He wanted to weave together a matrix of support for every stylist, every hair type, and every business model. He created Matrix, a brand where everyone belonged - and everyone felt welcome.

Paula Kent in black in white in front of original redken products.
our Mantra

Think. Believe. Dream. Dare.

Arnie's determination to create a sense of belonging for all hairdressers inspired the Matrix mantra.

Think about the values and principles that you are going to live by. 

Believe in yourself, your ability and your potential.

Dream about the kind of stylist you want to be.

Dare to make your dream a reality.


our values


Our community welcomes everyone through education for every stylist. Innovation for every hair type, and support for every business model.


our values


Simple solutions for complex hairstyles. We make advanced looks accessible with with user-friendly products and techniques so everyone can cut, color and style with confidence.


our values


Brining color to your life with an uplifting culture of support and optimism.