• ColorInsider_HighCoverage_3BR
  • ColorInsider_HighCoverage_4M
  • ColorInsider_HighCoverage_5BR
  • ColorInsider_HighCoverage_5WM
  • ColorInsider_HighCoverage_6M
  • ColorInsider_HighCoverage_7WM
  • ColorInsider_HighCoverage_8M
  • ColorInsiderHighIntensityReds4RV
  • ColorInsiderHighIntensityReds5RR
  • ColorInsiderHighIntensityReds5RV
  • ColorInsiderHighIntensityReds6RR
  • ColorInsiderHighIntensityReds6RV
  • ColorInsider_Core_10A
  • ColorInsider_Core_10A
  • ColorInsider_Core_10GV
  • ColorInsider_Core_10N
  • ColorInsider_Core_10V
  • ColorInsider_Core_1N
  • ColorInsider_Core_2AA
  • ColorInsider_Core_3N
  • ColorInsider_Core_3V
  • ColorInsider_Core_3VR
  • ColorInsider_Core_4M
  • ColorInsider_Core_4N
  • ColorInsider_Core_4NW
  • ColorInsider_Core_5A
  • ColorInsider_Core_5AG
  • ColorInsider_Core_5G
  • ColorInsider_Core_5M
  • ColorInsider_Core_5N
  • ColorInsider_Core_5NW
  • ColorInsider_Core_5R
  • ColorInsider_Core_5V
  • ColorInsider_Core_5VR
  • ColorInsider_Core_6A
  • ColorInsider_Core_6AA
  • colorinsider 6ccplus
  • ColorInsider_Core_6M
  • ColorInsider_Core_6N
  • ColorInsider_Core_6NW
  • ColorInsider_Core_7AG
  • ColorInsider_Core_7N
  • ColorInsider_Core_7NW
  • ColorInsider_Core_7V
  • ColorInsider_Core_7WM
  • ColorInsider_Core_8A
  • ColorInsider_Core_8C
  • colorinsider 8ccplus
  • ColorInsider_Core_8GV
  • ColorInsider_Core_8N
  • ColorInsider_Core_8NW
  • ColorInsider_Core_9AG
  • ColorInsider_Core_9N
  • ColorInsider_Core_9NW
  • ColorInsider_Core_9V


Matrix ColorInsider is our ammonia-free, permanent colour range that maximises high-definition colour results with minimum stress to the hair’s cuticle. The shade palette offers vibrant reds, cool modern neutral tones, and rich browns.​

The Colour Injection Oil Delivery System delivers deeply saturated coverage on up to 100% grey and propels colour actives directly to the hair’s core. The predictable true-to-tone shades maximise colour impact with up to 3 levels of lift, for a sharp, polished finish and exceptional client comfort. ​

*For professional use only

Our Top Tops for ColorInsider Success:
1. Use only the ColorInsider Oil-Cream Developer.​
2. For a perfect 1:1 mixing ratio use the dedicated measuring cup.​
3. Use bowl-and-brush application for optimal results.​
4. Apply only to dry hair.​
5. Take fine sub-sections.​
6. Apply to the top and bottom of each section for full saturation.​
7. Cross-check from the mid-lengths, not the scalp area.​
8. Work color through mid-lengths and ends with hands, as opposed to a comb.​
9. Do not use heat.​
10. Process for a total of 35 minutes.​
11. Rinse thoroughly. Cleanse and condition using Biolage or Total Results shampoo and conditioner.​

HIGH COVERAGE REFLECTS – Matrix ColorInsider High Coverage Reflect Shades (COV) are highly reflective and designed for hair that is more than 50% grey. These unique shades do not require mixing with N, NW or G shades for coverage.​

HIGH INTENSITY REDS - Matrix ColorInsider High Intensity Reds are the CC+, RR+ and RV+ shades featuring HD Dyes, HD5 Dyes and PR6 Technology.​

NEUTRALS - Matrix ColorInsider Neutrals are the N and NW families, calibrated for multiple usages including Grey Coverage and working with the Natural Underlying Pigment for true neutral result. ​

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