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New Year, New Matrix!

Matrix: new year new look - model hair styles
In one of the most refreshing changes in the history of the professional industry, Matrix is repositioning the entire brand with a new look and feel to match. With a rich history spanning beyond 40 years, Matrix is approaching the market in a brand new way, with an offering unlike anyone else in professional haircare and hair color.

Our Goal for 2021

In 2021, we are painting the town rainbow, with the mission to become the most inclusive brand in the professional industry. Our community welcomes everyone through education for every stylist and cutting-edge innovation for every hair type.

As always, Matrix strives to be uplifting and uncomplicated by creating simple solutions for complex hair styles. We make advanced looks accessible with user-friendly products and techniques so everyone can cut, color and style with confidence.

Matrix New Look - Model Portraits

What’s new?

Our new brand look and feel pays homage to our brand roots, whilst giving it a fresh restyle. The icon is a nod to the original Matrix created by Arnie Miller in 1980, while the full spectrum of color has been introduced to reflect our inclusive and uplifting nature. 

The new brand imagery is an explosion of color and a true representation of the amazing diversity present within our population. Its consistently joyful and bright, reflective of every individual that is welcome within our community.

Matrix Definition: the environment in which something develops and grows


This new Matrix comes with a promise of the newest innovation; and 2021 will be the kickoff of technology unseen before across both haircare and hair color. This ensures that every hairdresser and hair stylist has everything they need to THINK, BELIEVE. DREAM. and DARE. to their fullest potential. 

At Matrix, everyone is welcome. Every hair type, every human.

Matrix Range - Painting the Rainbow

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