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Best Hair Colour Trends Spring Racing 2018

Spring has officially sprung and this weather has us shedding the layers, embracing the flirty florals and refreshing our looks for the new season that awaits! The 2018 spring racing season has celebrities chasing the natural-looking blonde! So take a cue from our favourites, if you’re flirting with the idea of embracing blonde or refreshing your colour, but your wallet and schedule says ‘guess again’, then a Blonding balayage look is your answer – and it’s easier than ever!

Balayage is deservedly considered the hottest hair colour solution of today and you don’t have to look far to understand why this trend is the unrivalled choice for the 2018 spring racing season. Healthy, natural looking hair will always be ‘in’ and its ability to provide a bespoke finish allows this trend to continue to be such a popular colour choice. It’s also easy to maintain so forget about the monthly touch ups, it works on all hair types, lengths and colours.

We have scouted for a new take on our ‘timeless’ balayage trend and have found gorgeous looks and techniques that are set to be spotted trackside this spring. 



Balayage and baby lights are a match made in hair heaven. Enhance your balayage with tiny highlights scattered through the part line to mimic childhood hair colour lightened by the sun for that sought after sun-kissed look perfect look for any skin tone.  



Base breaking is simply blending the roots of the hair that are left after a highlight. When your roots become visible, simply return to the salon for an express base break service to soften your new-growth and extend the life of your previous highlights for another few weeks. This express technique is your quick and easy fix to a longer lasting, healthy-looking balayage this spring racing season!



Hair contouring is the latest ‘must-have’ trend and is set to heavily feature this 2018 spring racing season. Inspired by the make-up technique, hair contouring strategically places lighter or darker tones around the face to emphasise your best features and enhance your natural skin tone without the application of makeup. And it doesn’t stop there! The hair contouring service is perfect for a refresh and is an entire bespoke colour service tailored to suit your unique features. 



If you've had to sit for hours in a chair getting foil highlights, you'll love the express Basin Balayage technique. Basin balayage allows you to refresh and plump your colour before a date or special event. What’s the catch we hear you ask? There is none! Simply revive your hair with a conditioning gloss and rejuvenate your colour with a balancing toner without the price tags or lengthy salon visit. What’s not to love?


Yes, balayage is the perfect low-maintenance technique, but since it is still a colour treatment, you will need to use haircare products that both protect your hair and leave it feeling healthy this spring. 

Whether it’s a subtle touch up or a bold colour overhaul, ask your hairdresser to include the use of a bonder for added protection during the lightening process. The process continues with a take-home 3-step re-bonding system such as Matrix Total Results The Re-Bond to deeply repair and protect your hair from further damage following the colour service. 

Maintain your investment with products specifically formulated for coloured hair. We recommend Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo to neutralise brassy warmth and correct yellow tones on blondes.  

Occasional touch-ups don’t mean you can totally forget about salon treatments. We know Balayage looks best on healthy hair so it is recommended you schedule monthly appointments with your hairdresser to nourish and tone your sun-kissed locks.


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