Matrix launches Blushing Blondes, a new trend campaign designed and created by Matrix Australia Design Team Artist, Adam Ciaccia. The campaign celebrates the Australian lifestyle and was shot at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Matrix is dedicated to building the skills of their hairdresser community and strengthening their global artistic team to help make dreams come true throughout stylist's careers. With this in mind, the campaign champions local talent, Adam Ciaccia, an internationally renowned, award winning Australian hairstylist, whose technique videos on YouTube reach up to one million views! Together with Matrix, Adam has crafted 5 new signature Blushing Blonde looks: Mocha Dreams, Purple Grey Matter, Rose Fever, Pink Cult and Peachy Keen.

Check out Adam's Blushing Blonde Creations

The Blushing Blondes campaign demonstrates the commitment Matrix has to providing the highest levels of education to all hairdressers. Blushing Blondes comes to life with five looks and learn tutorial videos designed to educate stylists globally.


"Matrix Australia is a brand fueled by inspiring the Salon professional to capture dreams and create beauty."

Now more than ever before, clients are actively searching for ways to elevate their blonde look with a hint of personalised colour. The Blushing Blondes series addresses the importance of staying relevant with trends and sparking new blonde ideas in the mind of clients that can only be achieved in Salon."

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