So Boost
  • SoBoost_SoColorColorSyncAdditives_Blue
  • SoBoost_SoColorColorSyncAdditives_Copper
  • SoBoost_SoColorColorSyncAdditives_Red
  • SoBoost_SoColorColorSyncAdditives_Yellow


Matrix SoBoost is our permanent hair colour that can be mixed with the SoColor and ColorSync Collections to create soft pastel tones or full strength to pre-lightened hair for bold, vivid effects. ​

Achieve special effects with our four intense chromatic shades or customise your colour needs with the addition of added control or intense reflects.​

• Blue - Ideal for neutralising unwanted brassiness and warmth when lifting hair and for adding cool tones to dark hair.​
• Red - Boosts intensity of red, red-violet and violet formulas when added to any shade. ​
• Copper - Boost vibrancy in auburns, warm browns and golden blondes when added to any shades.​
• Yellow - Brightens shades without adding red.

*For professional use only

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