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Bond Ultim8

Matrix Bond Ultim8 is a 3 step Bond Protecting System that delivers 8 lasting bond protecting benefits to leave looking soft and shiny.​

The formula acts as a buffer for the alkaline agents in the lightening process that prevents bond breakage and protects bonds both during and after a colour service.

*Step 1 & 2 for professional use only


Discover 8 upgraded benefits with the power of Bond Ultim8. Protect bonds and keep hair strong all in the same service.

1. Helps protect bonds during lightening

2. Maintains expected lift

3. No reformulation needed

4. No additional time needed

5. Helps prevent hair breakage

6. Helps preserve hair fibers

7. Deeply nourishes

8. Hair looks healthier

How To Use

1. Add Matrix Bond Ultim8 Step 1 to the colour of lightener for superior bond protection.​
2. Follow Step 1 with the Matrix Bond Ultim8 Step 2 Sealer to seal the benefits of Step 1 and to leave hair feeling deeply conditioned.​
3. Matrix Bond Ultim8 Step 3 is a take-home Weekly Sealing Treatment which provides additional care at home after the colour service.

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