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Updo Tips For Summer Nights

Seriously—is anything sexier than a casual updo when you’re wearing a flirty summer dress? It exposes your tanned neck and great cheekbones—not to mention the fact that it’s cool and comfortable on a steamy night! Whether you opt for a bun, a dressy ponytail or a chic chignon, here are some tips from Matrix for the perfect summer updo!

Prep it: Summer upstyles can be loose and unstructured but frizz is a no-no and a polished texture provides the perfect foundation. As a first step, apply a frizz-fighter like Biolage ExquisiteOil Treatment to damp strands and blow dry—then swirl strands around a curling iron to create wave and movement.

Boost it: Only those of us blessed with perfect features can pull off a tight, scraped back style—most of us benefit from a bit of lift. Here’s a cool summer updo trick—mist a dry shampoo like Total Results Miracle Extender at your roots. It will boost your strands while leaving wilted locks looking and feeling revitalized.

Undo it: Forget perfection. Summer updos should be loose, casual and even a bit messy.  So don’t worry about keeping every hair in place—release a few strands here and there and skip the stiff hairspray. A flexible formula like Stylelink Texture Builder will give you flexible hold and separation without helmet head!

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