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Summer is the season of bikinis, beaches and cold drinks, but between the sun, sea and sand, our hair gets a pretty rough deal. So ask yourself, is your hair summer ready?

With some extra TLC, you can protect your tresses and ensure your summer plans won't leave you with parched, faded, or damaged strands. We have created the ultimate haircare guide to attend to your most common haircare problems, so you can keep your strands protected and healthy all summer long! 


Oily Roots

Oily roots is undoubtedly one of the most common haircare problems we face during summer as the first place we start sweating is our scalp. Your first line of defence is to avoid excessively washing your hair. During the summer months your scalps’ oil production is in overload and frequent washing strips your natural oils, only encouraging further oil production. Make it a habit to keep a bottle of dry shampoo in your handbag. A quick spray of Matrix Style Link Play Back Dry Shampoo will dry up any oils and grease at your roots, leaving your hair feeling refreshed and healthy.


Dry, Damaged Hair

Why do we go to such lengths to protect our skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, but often neglect to protect our hair? First of all, we recommend wearing a hat to block harmful UV rays from reaching your strands. Not only will this keep UV rays off some of your tresses, but it will also protect your scalp.  


Secondly, ditch your heat styling tools and embrace your naturally beautiful locks. Try applying some Matrix Total Results Rock It Texture Sea Salt Spray for effortless beach waves or opt for naturally air drying your strands to give you the freedom to skip the blow dryer when the heat outside becomes unbearable.  


Just as you refresh your closet for the season ahead, reassess your haircare regime and switch your usual shampoo and conditioner for deeply nourishing formulas. Use a hair mask specifically formulated for you once a week to hydrate your locks and apply a hair oil or serum such as the Biolage Exquisite Oil Protective Treatment through your ends to protect and nourish your tresses, leaving hair feeling soft and shiny. 


Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is probably your worst enemy throughout the summer months and can ultimately become uncontrollable if you don’t know how to tame it.  


First of all, hair that is well-maintained is your first defence against the dreaded summer frizz. Book in a regular trim with your hairdresser to tame those locks! It’s then important to continue your haircare routine at home, so start your frizz-fighting strategy in the shower—with deeply moisturising shampoos and conditioners, before then rinsing with cold water to leave your hair looking smooth and glossy. Try brushing through your hair when wet using a wide tooth comb rather than a hair brush to minimise your frizz and help maintain your natural curls.  


Salt Water & Chlorine Damage

Salt water and chlorine also take a toll on your luscious locks, often leaving hair feeling dry. It’s important to firstly rinse your hair with cold water prior to swimming so it will then soak up less chlorinated or salt water. The key is to then rinse your hair right after coming out of the water, even if it means keeping a spray bottle filled with fresh water in your beach bag! If you’re an avid beach-bum, make sure to apply a weekly conditioning mask such as Biolage HydraSource Mask for added nourishment and hydration this summer.

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