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The Matrix Express Services Range

Clients are experimenting with single and double process hair transformations. From high-impact brunettes to high-reflect reds, blushing blondes to pastels hues, and even bold vibrant colours. Whatever your client feels like doing, Matrix is here to help them make it last. We have developed a range of Express Services that you can implement in your salon to start rethinking the client experience.

What is an Express Service?

Express services are:

  • Colour first – developed to prepare, maintain and enhance colours
  • 360º – starts in the salon and continues at home
  • Speed – dramatic differences in a matter of minutes
  • Personal – designed to deliver solutions for all
  • Visible – instant and long term performance
  • Diverse – work for all hair types and colourations

What’s the benefit?

Designed for time poor clients, these 5 services deliver maximum results with minimal effort. Often in the salon time is precious so these services are all about ensuring you can deliver a quality result whilst reducing the amount of time spent at the basin. Each of these services also have relevant take-home retail products so once the service is complete, your client can maintain their colour between services.


1. Colour Lamination by Keep Me Vivid

After colour service, ensure all excess colour is removed and do not shampoo. Spray Keep Me Vivid Color Lamination Spray and leave for 1 minute.
After 1 min, apply conditioner if needed otherwise style accordingly.

Hair Type: Vivid and delicate hair colours
Benefits: Acidic rinse seals in the cuticle after delicate colour services


2. Brass Neutralising by Brass Off

Wearing gloves, use Brass Off Shampoo, rinse and repeat.
Then apply Brass Off Custom Neutralization Mask and leave for 5-10mins before rinsing.
Apply Brass Off Blonde Threesome and style accordingly.

Hair Type: Lightened medium blonde to light brown hairs
Benefits: Helps to neutralise brassiness, unwanted orange & orange-gold tones through neutralising pigments


3. Hair Rehab by The Re-Bond

Shampoo with Re-Bond at the basin, then apply Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner for 5 mins for ultra-intense conditioning.
Apply Re-Bond Conditioner on top of the Pre-Conditioner and continue basin routine as normal.

Hair Type: Extremely damaged and over-processed
Benefits: Citric acid removes build up; Maleic acid reconstructs weak bonds; Taurine perfects and sustain bond resilience


4. Shine Revivor by Color Obsessed

Wash colour treated hair with Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner at the basin and style using Miracle Creator.

Hair Type: Colour-treated hair
Benefits: Natural hair colour enhancing & maintains healthiness for colour treated hair.


5. Silver Enchancing by So Silver

Wearing gloves, use So Silver Shampoo, rinse and repeat.
Then apply So Silver Triple Power Mask* and leave for 5-10 mins before rinsing.

Hair Type: Light blonde hair
Benefits:Helps to neutralise yellow and gold tones & customisable to enhance all blondes and greys to a metallic silver finish.

*So Silver Triple Power Mask launching in Australia in September

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