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Give Your Hair the Ultim8 Experience

It’s no secret that the use of bonders in colour services has become popular in the last few years but what actually is the benefit of using it on your hair? We discuss why you should be requesting Bond Ultim8 every time you go to the salon.

It protects your hair
The bonds that form the structure of healthy hair are constantly under attack. Hair lighteners, permanent and demi-permanent hair colour, smoothing and perm services, heat styling tools, and environmental aggressors can all lead to damage of these structural bonds, leaving hair weaker, duller and more lifeless. This is where bonders come in. Using a product like the Matrix Bond Ultim8 Bond Protecting System protects existing bonds, preventing further bond breakage and remarkably transforming the outcome of salon services. Now, whether you are going blonde, devoted to grey-coverage colour services or tempted by every new vibrant colour trend that comes along, you can go to the salon with confidence knowing there’s a way to protect your hair from damage and elevate it to the healthiest level possible.


So, what does it do?
The Bond Ultim8 system delivers 8 important benefits to protect bonds and keep hair strong all in the one service:
1. Helps protect bonds during lightening
2. Maintains expected lift (level of lightening)
3. No colour reformulation needed
4. No additional time needed
5. Helps prevent hair breakage
6. Helps preserve hair fibers
7. Deeply nourishes
8. Hair looks healthier


How does it work?
The Bond Ultim8 system has 3 easy steps; the first 2 are performed by your hair stylist when colouring your hair and the 3rd is all you!

Step 1 – Amplifier: Added to any Matrix hair colour or hair lightener to protect hair as it processes. This step doesn’t take any additional time and does not alter the colour performance or outcome in any way.

Step 2 – Sealer: A deep conditioning treatment that helps seal in the benefits of Step 1 and adds further protection. It’s applied after the hair colour has processed and been rinsed. The treatment is processed for 10 minutes at room temperature and then hair is rinsed, shampooed and conditioned at the basin.

Step 3 – Weekly Sealing Treatment: This essential follow-up take home formula continues to care for fibers and provides additional nourishment following your in-salon service.


A treatment for non-coloured hair
Even if you don’t colour your hair, you can still benefit from the incredible effects of a hair bonder! Bond Ultim8 can also be performed as a standalone treatment next time you visit the salon for a haircut. Talk to your stylist about Bond Ultim8 if you:
- Have had professional straightening or other treatments (keratin, relaxers, perms etc.)
- Use heat or thermal tools frequently (blowdryers, hair straighteners, curling irons)
- Spend a lot of time in the sun, ocean, pool and outdoors
- Are just living life and you want to protect your hair!

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