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Back to My Roots... A Curly Girl's Journey


I always thought it was a ME problem. Rather, a problem with my hair. Growing up, I yearned for hair like the women in shampoo ads – sleek, silky and smooth. 

I’d resigned myself to the fact that good hair days would never be a thing without the help of a straightener or blow-dryer. My coarse, frizzy hair would forever be a sore point and source of frustration. No cut or treatment could fix it. Or so I thought…

On a whim, I visited a nearby salon with a resolve to try something completely different. I gave my stylist, Yoshie, full reign to work her magic and she didn’t disappoint. After an hour of cutting and styling, I felt better than ever. Completely transformed. I looked like I was part of a cool 70’s rock band and couldn’t stop smiling. I was finally able to embrace my natural curls. 

In the weeks after, I would find even more joy in my natural look. Largely, because I didn’t need to do too much to make my hair look and feel good. I was finally one of those annoying people who could roll out of bed and say ‘I woke up like this!’. But seriously, allowing my natural hair to do its thing was a game changer. 

With the help of Matrix’ A Curl Can Dream range, I’ve enjoyed months of soft, defined curls – no bad hair days in sight! The best part is, it’s quick and easy as I’m about to share with you:

I start by massaging the shampoo into my scalp through to my ends. What I love about this shampoo is how it removes build-up without being too stripping or harsh. I typically use this shampoo once a week, alternating with the A Curl Can Dream Co-Wash. 

You might be wondering, what’s a co-wash? 

A co-wash is a cleansing conditioner. Like a creamy face cleanser, a co-wash is not for those days you want a deep clean. The magic of a co-wash lies in its gentle cleansing properties. It provides a subtle lather to refresh curls without depriving them of much-needed moisture and hydration. For the many who swear by The Curly Girl Method, this addition is key to keeping curls healthy and defined (myself included).  

Next in my routine is the A Curl Can Dream Curl Mask – my top pick from the range. After cleansing, I’ll run a coin-size amount through my hair and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out with cold water. At this point, my curls are intensely hydrated and smooth. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered a key step to ensure they feel like this days after washing. The secret is using the mask as a leave-in cream. 

My method is as follows: 

1. Flip hair forward 

2. Distribute a pea sized amount through hair with a wide tooth comb 

3. Scrunch to shape and enhance curl pattern. 

4. Flip hair back to normal and air dry. 

While my hair’s still a little damp, I’ll finish with the light-hold gel. This gel is ideal for maintaining defined yet soft hold, free from stiffness or crunch (I hate crunch!). With all  bases covered, I’ll let my hair completely dry and go about my day. 

With no more hours of intense heat styling and sore arms, I can finally enjoy a carefree existence with curly hair to match. It feels good to finally embrace a part of me that was once a huge insecurity and source of dissatisfaction and it’s safe to say, my curls are here to stay!

By: Farah Iyer

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