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Boardwalk Trend - What Is Hair Painting?

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Hair painting is one of the biggest hair colour trends right now with salons across the globe starting to incorporate it into their service offering. But isn’t hair painting just the same as balayage? Whilst hair painting and balayage are both free hand methods of colouring, they are actually different techniques! We breakdown everything you need to know to give your clients the hottest hair trend for 2019.
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So what exactly is hair painting?

Hair painting is a hair highlighting technique that uses your hands to blend colour seamlessly. There’s no wrong or right way to do it. Foiling or no foiling, it’s all about the end result - placing minimalist, adventurist, and expressive colours in a freehand manner.

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Hair painting vs Balayage

A common misconception is that because they are both free hand techniques, hair painting and balayage are the same. Whilst balayage is similar, it gives the hair a different effect to true hair painting. Balayage only paints the top of the strand giving the hair a built-in low light whereas hair painting colours both sides of the hair to give heavier saturation. Also unlike balayage, the colour is applied to larger sections of hair and painted over the full strand, whilst giving a softer effect than if you used only foils.

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What’s the benefit?

The beauty of hair painting is that there are endless options for colour placement meaning that no two looks are the same. Seamless blending of colour allows you to create three colours out of two, giving varied results which can be subtle, super dimensional, or melted colour.

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Looking after your client’s colour

Colouring can sometimes cause unwanted damage to your client’s hair, especially if you need to lighten it before adding your hair painting colours. Try using a bond protecting system like Bond Ultim8 whenever you colour your client’s hair, with 8 benefits in 1 to leave hair looking soft and shiny and protect the bonds both during and after the colour service.

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How to achieve the look

We paired up some of our top Matrix artists with up and coming talents to create colourful looks inspired by the sugary sweets, lustrous lights, and show stopping fireworks of the Coney Island boardwalk. Read our Hair Painting Technique guide to learn how to create the look on your clients.

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Keep it vivid

Hair painting can be used on anyone, from your minimalist and safe clients to your expressive and adventurous clients. Whatever colour you use on your client, help them lock it in with NEW Total Results Keep Me Vivid* hair care system. Keep long-lasting, high-maintenance hair colours vibrant for 65 days!**

*Launching in Australia in May 2019
**When used as a system of Keep Me Vivid Shampoo, Conditioner and Color Lamination Spray

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