Stevie Englishs



OFTEN SEEN AT: Stevie English Hair CHILDHOOD NICKNAME: Stevie MATRIX IN THREE WORDS: Fun, Family, Color FAVOURITE MATRIX PRODUCT: Light master – because I can create anything HAIR SPECIALTY: Coloring hair SOMETHING YOU WOULDN’T KNOW ABOUT ME: I’m tequila baron WHO INSPIRES ME: My other matrix team mates IF I COULD HAVE ONE SUPERPOWER: Shape shifter or super strength. I actually love watching all Marvel and DC movies MY HAIR TREND PREDICTION FOR 2018: I think anything goes – we are still going to see crazy colors but slightly more muted MY FAVOURITE DESIGNER/CELEBRITY: If you mean fave celebrity turned designer... I might have to say the Beckhams as David has always had style (well since he married posh) and she is stylish as.

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